Folklore ensemble from Podluží

Welcome to the official website of the Czech folklore ensemble Svéráz z Podluží.

The ensemble was founded in autumn 2011 by a group of long-time friends who knew one another from various folklore and non-folklore events. Members of the ensemble are young people at the age ranging from 15 to 30 years who come from 15 different villages all around and some of them even from Slovakia.

The repertoire of the Svéráz ensemble consists of dance and humorous performances from its native region Podluží, which is unique with its rich and beautiful traditional costumes, lovely songs and delicious wine. The region is situated in the South Moravia, approximately between the towns of Břeclav and Hodonín.

The word “Svéráz” is a name of the typical ornaments widely used as decoration on houses and wine-cellars in Podluží. An illustration of this ornament is shown by the following picture.

ornament svéráz

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